Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
And your donations help us to by parts to fix computers.

Help us reach our goal : $5,000  
^ $1,815

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Help us reach our fundraising goal !

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Hawaiian Hope Org is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Donations are Tax deductible. Federal EIN : 47-4690540

SO CLOSE - Help us hit our final goal !

We gave away 1,000 computers in 1 YEAR ! Yes, 1,000 !
NOW, Just a final $5,000 hits our total fundraising goal for 2018 !
Help Us raise just $5,000 before the end of the year !
Share, and donate !

In today's world, computers = education and opportunities.
Who else in Hawaii can say they have given away 1,000 Free computers in a year ?

What is the break down ?
Over 700 computers to low income and homeless students.
Almost 100 computers to former homeless veterans.
Almost 100 computers to students taking advanced computer courses.

And all done with VOLUNTEERS !

People often ask - "What do you guys do with all of those computers you get as donations ?"
Our Answer ? We change lives.

Support our efforts and make a donation today !

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