Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
And your donations help us to by parts to fix computers.

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 The Hawaiian Hope - $5 Challenge

Aloha !
Today we would like to propose a challenge to you. The $5 challenge.

How many of us, every day, spend $5 without even giving it a second thought ? A quick stop at Starbucks, a couple of trips to the soda and snack machines ? When we think about it, many of us might spend $5 like this every day of the week, and that adds up.

Our challenge to you today, is to give up one $5 day.

Instead of going about your day and spending $5 on coffee, sodas, snacks and other items, put that $5 towards an investment into the community by answering our $5 challenge.

You will notice our logo depicts the statement “Demonstrate the power of ONE.” Answer our $5 challenge of giving up ONE day and you too can be that example to “Demonstrate the power of ONE.” One person, One day.


 YES ! I Answer the $5 challenge !
I meet your challenge and plan to give up this many $5 days.

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