Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
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 The Projects of Hawaiian Hope

Hawaiian Hope has 7 distinct projects in our portfolio. Each of these projects is designed to build on the strengths of technology, to promote a community familiar with technology and to assist in ending the problem of homelessness. Each of our projects is designed to be financially self sufficient and to function without the need of government grants.

Mobile Laundry Service.
To many people it is blatantly obvious that the homeless desperately need laundry services and clean clothes. But with the expense of going to the Laundromat and washing clothes at $2 per load or more, it quickly becomes cost prohibitive for many of our homeless brothers and sisters. In addition to the cost is the simple task of transporting all of their clothing to a laundry facility, and then if possibly, transporting them back to wherever the individual is staying. Using “TheBus” to try this is not a likelihood and therefore It is often cheaper or less of a hassle for many to simply throw out their dirty clothes and just go get new clothes. Or as some have noticed, wear their clothing till it is falling off of them.

Hawaiian Hope is building a number of mobile laundry and hygiene units where we can get the much needed laundry service right to the people where they are. The mobile laundry services will be able to : drive into an area needing service, hook up to several sources of water to provide clean water for laundry, use generators attached directly to the buses engine to provide all of the needed power, and utilize tanks in the storage compartments of the buses to store the gray water till an appropriate dumping facility is reached.

In continuing to think about the dual roles of homelessness and disaster management services, one of the other primary concerns in some disasters is the suppression, reduction and prevention of disease. Water is the foundation of life. Having clean drinking water and clean linens in a disaster are two of the highest priorities with the ability to provide clean linens, clothing, blankets and other necessities is an essential part of disease suppression. Having a mobile facility that can go to where the problem area is and help to provide cleaning services will serve as a major benefit to the people as well as multiple agencies.

One of the other concerns in a disaster is the availability and rationing of fresh water. But in a disaster, how can you justify using drinking water to do laundry ? In a disaster it would be counterproductive to use possibly the only sources of fresh drinking water to perform laundry services. The Hawaiian Hope Mobile Laundry Service buses will also function as Disaster Water Purification Centers. Using the technology of Reverse Osmosis, we will pump water directly from the ocean and convert it into clean drinking water at the rate of 25 Gallons PER MINUTE.

On a planet that is covered by over 75% water, we in no way have a water shortage. We do in fact have a technology shortage to easily convert salt water into potable water. This concept of desalinization however is not new technology and is currently in use today in the military and the State of Hawaii, however at a much larger scale. We intend to collaborate with the experts in their fields to provide this service in a mobile format and once again demonstrate how the power of technology can solve multiple problems with ONE product.

These fully mobile units will provide services where they are needed by being loaded onto transport ships and moved throughout the entire state of Hawaii, to other pacific islands or even transported to the mainland. During a disaster each unit should be capable of functioning for 21 days, 3 weeks, uninterrupted.

The Mobile Laundry Service will serve to build 2 active prototypes of a planned fleet of units. These Units will be managed as pay per use for laundry service plus contracted out to other organizations. Likewise, we plan to build and sell additional units to other organizations, communities and states in an effort to generate capitol for our long term projects.

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