Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
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 The Projects of Hawaiian Hope

Hawaiian Hope has 7 distinct projects in our portfolio. Each of these projects is designed to build on the strengths of technology, to promote a community familiar with technology and to assist in ending the problem of homelessness. Each of our projects is designed to be financially self sufficient and to function without the need of government grants.

Ohana Management System.
The OMS : In version (1) was originally called the 'Shelter Management System'. It was created in mid 2006 in response to a request and was designed to aid non profits in running homeless shelters. It's key feature designs were : (a) to automate tasks that were normally done manually and on paper; (b) to use instant messaging and implement staff communications in facilities that had no phone lines (3 of our first clients operated for a full year without the availability of phone lines - but had wireless internet access from day 1); (c) to consistently maintain security of the campus through the issuance of Photo ID's and requiring check in and check out of guests.

After bringing on a new client, one that would push our system to its limits in creative ways of using the Shelter Management System to manage a variety of other services, that client suggested that we rename the system to the “Ohana Management System” or “OMS” for short. We also felt it appropriate considering the extensive changes we were implementing Our system had grown beyond just “shelter management” and so with version (2), the “Ohana Management System” took its official place as one of our key projects.

And now we are here at the edge of yet another milestone. We are rapidly approaching the data of 10,000 people in our database, and our clients continue to push the limits of our OMS with new clients that run not only one location, but dozens of sites. In August 2010, an agreement was made to manage the data for orphanages in the country of Haiti and to assist that country in rebuilding after the disastrous earthquake that occurred there in January 2010

As of late 2010, Hawaiian Hope has embarked on creating version 3 of our Ohana Management System. Version 3 of the OMS introduces a fundamental change of features that are designed to allow agencies to firmly manage their organizations and how they conduct their day to day operations.

Several of these features include :

Multiple Site Management. Organizations will be able to manage multiple projects and sites through a single interface. Staffing and permissions can be assigned to limit access on a “need to know” basis. Management will have access to reports on individual sites or compiled reports encompassing all of the sites they manage.

Single Unified Messaging : Management of each organization will have the ability to communicate instantly with all of their staff at all locations. In addition management can assign permissions to key personnel that will enable them to communicate directly with other agencies. For Instance, outreach workers from one agency will be able to instant message housing placement workers of other agencies.

Full Employee Management : Time sheets, task tracking, online staff training records, SOP compliance, and employment package management.

Volunteer Management : Recruiting Volunteers, Training, task assignments.

Full calendar system and event scheduling : Calendar system will have the ability to set multiple types of appointments for individuals, clients, staff, agency tasks and outside events. Calendar system will be designed so that agencies can implement “public” events directly onto their website.

Full Case Management : Will allow case managers to identify obstacles and milestones for clients. Will help clients with clearly defining expectations and developing guides for better methods of managing their progress. Will assist case managers in identifying trends of client progress.

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