Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
And your donations help us to by parts to fix computers.

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 News Articles Involving us

Hawaiian Hope gives away over 200 computers on a single night!
Oops, we did it again !
On Tuesday May 16th, 2017, we gave away over 200 computers to the kids of Palolo Elementary School. Every child in the school got a computer - for the kids to take home - not for the school.
Short video : https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5pxgrj
Full video : https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5pd989
May 16th, 2017

Hawaiian Hope Gives Away 105 computers on a single night.
Hawaiian Hope through The Queen Lili'uokalani Children's Center and Hau'ula Elementary School hosted an incredibly special evening designed to have a life lasting impact. Every student in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades, 105 students in all, received as a gift a full computer system to take home. These computers are not on loan, but a personal gift for students to keep, learn on and have fun with. For some, it was the gift of an another learning tool. For others, it was an opportunity they didn't have before. kitv.com : May 9, 2011

3 Months later Hawaii Non Profit still seeking a new home.
Even vacant buildings resist non-profit organizations....... kitv.com : Dec 16, 2010

Evictions Leave Hawaii Non Profits Scrambling.
Evictions leave a number of non-profit organizations just days to move out....... kitv.com : Sept 3, 2010

Hawaiian Hope to Manage data for Haiti orphanages.
"Our goal is to support orphanages in the care of orphans, find orphans and direct them to appropriate facilities to care for them. I will be developing a medical-outreach program and identifying unmet needs. I will also be piloting a web-based database developed by Hawaiian Hope that I will use to keep vital statistics on orphans and program participants,” said Dr. Ken Pierce.......TheGardenIsland.com : August 6, 2010

Internet Cafe Taking Youth Off The Street.
A technology-based nonprofit group is helping scores of children whose families cannot afford computers or Internet service. The Internet Café at 611 North.......kitv.com : May 14, 2010

Chaminade University announces biz-plan winners.
Hawaiian Hope, a nonprofit group providing computer access to the homeless, which received $4,000 for its plan for an Internet cafe........Pacific Business News : Apr 21, 2010

Non-Profit Business Plan Competition.
Hawaiian Hope wins Business Plan Competition. Chaminade University’s Hogan Entrepreneurial Program and American Savings Bank conducted a Business Plan Competition held exclusively for the non-profit sector........chaminade.edu : Apr 15, 2010

Reusing E-Waste Computers and Electronics.
On Oahu, e-waste was banned from disposal as of July 2006. Local businesses or commercial entities, which generate e-waste should contact the state Department of Health - Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch for more information, or refer to an e-waste recycler (eCycler) listed below........opala.org : June 5, 2009

Be the change you hope for.
Bringing high-tech access to the homeless satisfies a basic need so simple, it’s hard to think that others could have overlooked it before. Today, an increasing number of jobs, even menial ones, accept online applications only.......Honoluluweekly.com : Apr 15, 2009

Hawaiian Hope to open computer lab to public.
The lease is in place, the donated computers, office chairs and desks are all stacked up in storage, and the volunteers are ready to go. The only task before Hawaiian Hope, a tech-based nonprofit group, is to finish remodeling the empty space which, thankfully, also will happen with the manpower of volunteers.........starbulletin.com : March 04, 2009

Peripheral People
Kropar (Hawaiian Hope) put together a community computer lab at the Next Step emergency shelter in Kaka’ako when he realized how inaccessible business employers were to homeless people because of the growing trend of online-only applications. And in many cases homeless people lacked the basic Internet and e-mail knowledge to follow through on their job or home search. ‘This is like an instant screening process,’ he says. ‘WalMart, Home Depot, the hotels. Their only method is online applications.’........HonoluluWeekly.com : Nov 21, 2007

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