Low Income Children in Hawai’i need Computers to do their HOMEWORK !
And your donations help us to by parts to fix computers.

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 The Projects of Hawaiian Hope

Hawaiian hope has 7 distinct projects in our portfolio. Each of these projects is designed to build on the strengths of technology, to promote a community familiar with technology and to assist in ending the problem of homelessness. Each of our projects is designed to be financially self sufficient and to function without the need of government grants.

The Internet Cafe.
Why we are doing this ? The need is great ! Just one example of this is the fact that many of the jobs now available can only be applied for by using the Internet. Hawaiian Hope recently conducted a survey of 100 companies and found that 1/3rd of them no longer accept paper applications.
Also this great experience : "after about the 4th month open - gang kids came in late in the evenings and announced to us and their friends : “I dropped my colors. I'm not gang bangin no more.” One said : “You know, i been thinking about ......MORE ......

Ohana Management System.
Hawaiian Hope designs web based data management tools for organizations to manage their facilities and day-to-day operations. This includes aspects of client management, Staff management, Security and facility management. We currently manage the data of some of the states largest homeless shelters and the personal data of over 8,300 individuals. By the end of 2011 we expect to be managing the data of over 12,000 people. In August 2010, an agreement was made to manage the data for orphanages in the country of Haiti and to assist that country in rebuilding after the disastrous earthquake that occurred there in January 2010 ......MORE ......

Classrooms and Free / Recycled Computers.
Now days, school children are routinely assigned homework with the assumption they have a computer at "home" and Internet access whenever they want. If you were not aware, Hawaii has over 700 children living in homeless shelters and according to the DOE's own records, Hawaii has over 2,400 children enrolled in schools that are known to be homeless. Using donated computers we build computer classrooms in homeless shelters. These computers are used by children to complete schoolwork and by adults to fill out job applications. In addition, we also give free computers to individuals and families when they move out of the shelters and back into housing. To date we have given away over 600 FREE computer systems and currently have over 800 in stock.

Web Hosting.
Hawaiian Hope owns and operates a web hosting company called “GetMySiteOnline.com” In designing our web based software for other organizations to use, it was discovered that it would be more efficient to operating the web hosting services ourselves instead of relying on other 3rd party entities to provide a hosting service for us and our clients. We utilize a secured data center in Texas that has multiple redundant OC-48 Internet Connections, fail over backup power and managed services. This aspect of our organization is about to be expanded on and we will soon aggressively market this service of web hosting.

Mobile Computer Lab.
Using former tour buses we are building mobile computer classrooms and disaster communications centers. In doing this we take computer education and technology where it is needed most, directly to the people. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, we can still communicate with the outside world through the use of mobile Internet access while generators, battery backups and solar energy maintain power so we can run the equipment uninterrupted for weeks at a time.

Mobile Laundry Service.
Hawaiian Hope has embarked on a plan to create a Mobile Laundry Service for homeless outreach and disaster management support. The dual overall purpose of this project is in :
       a) Assisting the homeless by providing mobile hygiene facilities, and
       b) Helping to better prepare Hawaii for disaster management - which will save lives. ......MORE ......

IT Training.
In all of the aspects of what we do, one thing is constant : Our completely volunteer staff is the key to our success. Because of this we find that it is often to our advantage to take people that have an interest in computers and volunteering with us and train them in various skills of computers and IT services. Using our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) we teach potential new technicians how to test hard drives, test video cards, network cards, CD-ROM drives and many other types of computer components. Likewise, we teach people how to install and properly configure a computers software to run efficiently and how to prevent viruses from even getting on a computer. Once in our new location we plan to offer this IT training as full job training coursework and teaching people how to earn a career in the IT field.

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